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Starting Monday 9/7/2020


We realize it's not easy , as a parent, working from home; let alone being solely responsible of making sure your children are completing their essential school work. We want to share with you some of our favorite resources that not only have educational values, but also trustworthy content and will entertain your children during their screen time:

Free Educational Websites For Children:

Virtual Tours of America’s National Parks: natural-wonders-found-in-badlands-national-park-in-south-dakota-3

16 Famous Museums offering Virtual Tours:

Updated list of Free Resources for Schools During Covid-19 coronavirus-outbreak.aspx

Books being Read by actors/actresses: (look up Storytime Online on Youtube!)

on social media @savewithstories
or search the hashtag: #OperationStoryTime on Facebook, Instagram, and Youtube

Kid-Friendly Live Streams: friendly-livestreams-during-the-coronavirus/507-ba0237f9-7322-448b-9a3b-a7ddb3236b1a

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