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We believe that the greatest gift we can give the children in our community is loving neighbors who encourage them to develop values:  inward attitudes that become outward behaviors.  The Big Idea Camp is a program that provides the CORE ESSENTIAL VALUES school curriculum for Elementary and Middle Schools that can be utilized in many classes, counselor lessons, and activities,  and we also host monthly interactive assemblies for each school introducing the value of the month!


Our 501(c)3 Non-profit organization connects local businesses and generous partners by sponsoring schools by providing the Core Essential Curriculum! 

We partner with the schools by helping their counselors, faculty, and staff implement the curriculum into their classrooms, hallways, and environment.   The Big Idea Camp also hosts school assemblies, produces, records, and provides weekly lesson videos based on the curriculum and distributes them to all our partnering schools. 

 Currently Partnering With +100 Schools & Communities in Kentucky, Ohio, and West Virginia

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