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Dealing With Covid-19

To say that the Covid-19 virus has had an impact would be like saying "the Ocean is wet."  

As a nonprofit organization, the absolute majority of our budget comes from grants, business sponsorships, and personal donations.  As we have been preparing to enter our 8th year in local (we've grown from one local community to a regional three states) schools;   two (of the three-  we're still waiting to hear from the third)  of the majorly needed grants we were counting on, we did not receive this year.  The grants were going to be utilized to pay for the licensing fees for the national character development curriculum that we truly love and have been utilizing for the past 7 years.    We have zero resentment for not receiving the grants, as we understand there are so many worthy organizations who are meeting the needs of people affected by Covid-19!  

With that being our reality, we are having to re-organize what we do, how we do it, and who can be included.  We strive to adapt to the inevitable while stretching to reach the possible.


Because we have found impact and influence with our live-streaming programming (we first started during the Covid-19 outbreak in March, 2020 when schools were closed;   and recently with our Summer Virtual Family Camp);  we are going to operate for the 2020-2021 school year as the following:

While utilizing the Core Essentials Curriculum, we will produce a weekly video program for schools, communities, and households which will include lesson videos which collaborate with the monthly values the curriculum teaches,  weekly printable worksheets.  Our focus will be on social emotional learning.  We will also continue our DAILY encouragement podcast featured on Alexa devices.  (Search The Big Idea Camp Morning Moment)

It is our hope that the school counselors can utilize the lesson videos and worksheets for the in-school students;  where as families can utilize the videos and worksheets for students who are learning via online methods while home.

While our message will never change: We exist to help children and students know that they are loved and have the capacity to love others by 1)Treating Others Right,  2) Making Smart Decisions, and 3) Maximizing Their Potential;

Our methods of communicating the message are consistently growing.


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